East Northport Table Tennis Club

Important Information About Our Neighborhood!
Please Read And Understand This Before Visiting Us


Our club is located in the lower level of a residence, in a residential neighborhood. We ask that you please respect both those who live in our house and, even more importantly, our neighbors, who have an absolute right to the same quiet, undisturbed life that you enjoy in your own home and your own neighborhood.

In order to ensure that we remain in the good graces of our neighbors, we urge you to follow these rules:

  1. Do not park in any driveway under any circumstances (including our own driveway, which is used by the people who live in this house). Park only on the street.

  2. Do not park anywhere that blocks any house's driveway, any house's mailbox, any house's curbside trash, etc. Please leave a full car length's space between you and any of these things. Our neighbors must not feel like they have to navigate an obstacle course in order to access their own property.

  3. If you pass us and need to turn around, please do NOT use a neighbor's driveway for this purpose. You may perform a three-point turn somewhere where it does not bother others or, even better, drive around the block.

  4. The owner of the house directly across the street from us has requested that nobody park in front of any part of his property. Please honor his wishes and do not park in any street space adjacent to his property. Park on OUR side of the street or well clear of his property.

  5. While outside, please keep conversation and other noise to a quiet minimum, especially at night.

  6. Do not, under any circumstances, argue with our neighbors. Should they ask you to do anything -- move your car, park closer to the curb, etc. -- regardless of what they ask or how unfair you think it is, please do it cheerfully and without question. They live here; you do not.

Please ensure that you and everyone in your party adhere to these rules at all times. Every time a neighbor of ours is antagonized or inconvenienced, even if only slightly, it becomes a bit harder for us to continue operating in this location. If it happens frequently enough, we could actually be forced to close our doors forever. We reserve the right to bar people who violate these rules from the club.